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Pictures and Signature sizes

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Pictures and Signature sizes

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:43 pm

Good Day MAOs!

As we enjoy using this free discussion board made exclusively for us MAOs all of us should help maintain the website in terms of the capacity of pictures we are uploading. We are only given a limited memory space for our forum and exceeding that memory space may cause slow connection to the site and in the end may pay for certain charges for extra memory space.

We can prevent that from happening by limiting the sizes of the pictures we are uploading including signature pictures we are using. All pictures posted in the Photo Gallery as well as in other forums inside this site should not exceed 600 width x 600 height (pixels) and signature sizes should be limited to 300 width x 300 height. In this way we can save the memory space allotted to us and prevent from paying extra charges for extra memory space.

Members who will post pictures or signatures that may be too large in format will be notified accordingly through PM. We ask for your cooperation and support for this maintenance request for our own benefit.

Thank you!


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