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Board Rules and Regulations

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Board Rules and Regulations Empty Board Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:02 pm

Please see below forum rules to help control and maintain our website :

1. Proper netiquette is required for participation in MAO Forums.
2. Lashing out at other participants is strictly forbidden so NO FIGHTING.
3. Make sure your post makes sense and is on topic
4. Posts composed entirely of smileys and/or of Very short responses will be considered as spam.
5. Posts with very long quotes can be considered as spam.
6. If you think a thread or post is spam, please don't post a reply. Inform/report the Mods about it.
7. Consecutive posts. Posting consecutive replies on a single thread can be considered spamming.
8. If you forgot something in your previous post, use the edit button. You are allowed to edit your own posts for a certain time limit.
8. One-word and one-line replies are not allowed! Please do not spam the boards with replies like 'Hmmm', 'LOL', Huh??? What?; and the like.
9. Posting of emoticons is also considered spamming.
10. Meaningless posts will be deleted without warning. If you're posting a one-line reply, make sure it contains at least five words to make a point.
11. Do not use SMS message type characters when posting a message in any thread. This is a website, not a cellular phone.
12. Do not use vulgar,obscene,immoral and offending words / languages in any post / message. Moderators will immediately delete post / threads found with this violation.
13. Use the Private Message ( PM ) function when posting an inquiry or question that will be addressed to a particular forum member.
14. Do not post any message that is irrelevant or not related to the thread being read.
15. Post your pictures in the Photo Gallery, except for the Classifieds section.
16. Offending forum member will be given a warning via PM in case of any violation found by the moderators or administrator. Another offense of the same nature will mean immediate action from our administrator.
17. Avoid posting redundant thread or an item that is already posted in any section of the site.
18. Avoid using the "Quote" function if not really needed. Just address it to the sender then post your reply.

And Stay on TOPIC!

Happy Posting MAO's!

(Rules and Regulations of this site is based on the R&R of MCP.com and LMC.com)


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