Welcome to Mio Amore Owners!

Visit our tambay every Saturday @ Shell Daanghari at exactly 6PM onwards.

All Mio Amore Owners are welcome to join!

Hope to see you there and Ride Safe!

Be a REGULAR MAO member, How?

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Be a REGULAR MAO member, How? Empty Be a REGULAR MAO member, How?

Post by moteGP on Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:40 am

Since we only started recently, we are still a young group considering when the group was established and formed. Ride experience wise, there are plenty among us who could actually share their knowledge regarding rides, tech know how regarding our Amores' or just plain speaking their mind out. And because of this for the meantime we DO NOT have any monthly dues for the club.

All we are asking for aspiring members for them to become a MAO regular is to:
- attend two (2) consecutive meetings and 1 (one) official club ride
- register your details on this thread http://maos.forumotion.net/welcome-corner-f3/mao-registration-corner-t14.htm your contact details a must since we would be also using sms/text power to inform members also
- members currently located in the provinces are considered as Honorary Members - we strongly suggest to form group branch i.e. "MAO Visayas" or "MAO Baguio"
- must have an amore
- gender, age, size, weight, color does not matter as long as willing to cooperate, share, help, inspire or just be a plain friend to other members of the group

Should you have any questions please feel free to post or send a private message to any of the moderators of the forum.

Welcome to MAO and enjoy your stay!!
God Bless and Ride safe always!!

Be a REGULAR MAO member, How? MaoCompiledSig

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